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The Most Maxed-Out Places in America

Credit card balances in the U.S. now total roughly $1 trillion, the most since 2009, according to recent Federal Reserve data. While not all those balances represent debt that won’t be paid off each month, many consumers do struggle with credit card debt. One clear signal that a consumer might be in trouble with credit …

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What to Do If Your Credit Score Drops Unexpectedly

  Having your credit score fall unexpectedly can be as bad as losing a significant amount of money. With a lower score, your opportunities for low-interest loans, lower insurance premiums, and more affordable mortgages may be out of your reach. What’s worse is that these fluctuations may come from out of nowhere and may confuse …

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How to Lower Your Credit Utilization

To raise your credit scores, it’s always best to pay down debt, as opposed to shifting it around. However, for most people trying to boost their credit rating, it’s not always possible to instantly pay off all their credit card debt. So what can you do in that case? You can shift debt around in order to strategically lower your credit card utilization rate.

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