How to Compare Your Equifax, Experian and TransUnion Credit Reports

If you’ve thought about ordering your free credit report, which credit reporting bureau should you contact? Many people wonder what the difference is between the Equifax, Experian and TransUnion credit reports. Each credit reporting agency uses a different set of criteria and variables to calculate your credit score, and some lenders prefer to use one

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fico score vs plus score

FICO Score vs. PLUS Score – What’s the Difference?

If you’ve applied for a loan recently, your lender would have pulled your credit report – or even multiple credit reports – to determine your level of creditworthiness. Lenders use any number of credit scoring models to evaluate your credit standing. Two popular scores are the FICO Score, which was developed by Fair, Isaac and

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Perfect Credit

What Exactly Is Perfect Credit?

If your FICO credit score falls between 760 and 850 points, you rate among the top tier of all consumers and have the cornerstone for what I call Perfect Credit. Getting a great FICO score, however, is just part of the achievement. Fair Isaac reports that, among consumers with credit scores of 760 or higher, only 1% risk defaulting on a debt. So having Perfect Credit also means being able to access a whole host of products and services—mortgages, automobiles, credit cards, business lines of credit, and personal loans—at the most favorable terms available in the marketplace. Once you snag that impressive credit score, and all the benefits it entails, does having Perfect Credit today mean you’ll have Perfect Credit tomorrow? Unfortunately the answer is “no.”

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