Smart Mom Rich Mom

If you have kids like I do, you know how costly it can be to raise a family.


In fact, the more children you have, the more those monthly bills can take a toll on your finances.


Federal data show that it costs more than $250,000 – yes, over a quarter million dollars – to raise a single child in America from birth until age 18. And that’s not even including college costs!


That’s why I was so glad to see the new book Smart Mom, Rich Mom: How to Build Wealth While Raising a Family, by personal finance expert Kim Palmer.


Palmer uses her strong interviewing skills and lengthy experiences as a financial columnist to share stories of many women who managed to live the rich life – not just financially, but emotionally and personally too, with a bounty of family blessings.


I love the fact that Palmer – a mother of two – shares her wisdom in a caring, compassionate but no-nonsense fashion to which every Mom can relate. [continue reading…]

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