Student Loans


You may have taken out a student loan several years ago, but have you ever wondered how it affects your credit score? In the eyes of a lender or creditor, a student loan is another debt but the financial ramifications of a student loan on your credit score are different than standard loans. Federal Student loans are managed by the federal government so they can have a different effect on your credit score than other debts.


Here are some interesting facts about how student loans impact your credit score: [continue reading…]


Results of a study recently released by the Urban Institute revealed that more than 35 percent of Americans are behind with debt collectors. Falling behind on credit card bills or even missing a few payments for that cellphone can be reported to the credit bureaus and hurt your credit score. It’s a disturbing trend among Americans and has remained fairly constant since the recession in 2009. [continue reading…]

Closed purse


U.S. businesses are increasingly courting women customers. And it’s easy to see why.


More and more women are taking an active role in managing their family’s finances, and 44% of all females in America are the primary breadwinners in their households, according to a 2014-2015 study from Prudential.


Perhaps that why salespeople, business owners and marketing execs in every industry – from banking and pharmaceuticals to retail and transportation – all want to know what makes women tick financially.


In fact, in the field of behavioral economics, there’s a growing amount of research devoted solely to figuring out why women buy and what motivates us to spend.


I obviously can’t speak for all women. But I can say what’s a true turnoff for me when I’m considering spending my hard-earned dollars.


Here are 10 horrible business practices – including several inspired by my recent summer travels – that instantly make me shut my purse and never want to buy certain products and services. [continue reading…]

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox

Most Americans want to better budget and manage credit and debt wisely. But the problem is, they don’t know where to start or how to use a number of free tools available to them.


So if you missed my interview on, here are five personal finance tips — as well as five of my favorite free online resources — that can help anyone with budgeting, and keeping tabs on their credit and debt too. [continue reading…]