Are you spending like the rich this holiday season – even if you’re not a millionaire?


Many Americans are indeed engaged in over-the-top spending.


But there’s one big difference between those from average-income households and individuals from truly wealthy families: the average consumer trying to “live large” is paying for those extravagant holiday purchases with credit instead of cash. [continue reading…]

Tax Form 1040EZ

Are you eligible to file form 1040EZ?

What is the 1040EZ?  The 1040EZ form (aka the EZ form) is the simplest and shortest form you can use to file your federal income taxes.

Each year over 20 million people file this form, around 1 in every 6.5 federal tax returns filed.

This article explains who can use it, the information required to fill it out, and options for filing it with the IRS. [continue reading…]