Looking for a job


Being deep in debt isn’t just a threat to reaching your financial goals or having a happy personal relationship, free of arguments about money.


Excessive debt can also seriously hold you back in the job market or pursuing a career that is your true passion.


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Many people say they want to get out of debt but they continue to make the same financial mistakes over and over again.


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Is Your Pension at Risk

Detroit has become such a complicated financial mess – with its pension problems and the city’s bankruptcy filing – that many people don’t fully understand the nuts and bolts of the situation.


Even more important: a lot of Americans are wondering: Could what happened in Detroit happen to me? Could I lose my pension? [continue reading…]


Some credit score mistakes can be real credit killers. You might not think that seemingly innocent actions can cause your FICO score to plunge, but that can certainly happen.

Here are two horrible credit mistakes you want to avoid at all costs – unless you want to send your credit score heading south. Watch this video.