budget mistakes

Are you guilty of making these budgeting mistakes?

Most Americans don’t live on a budget – which may explain why so many people feel like they’re living from paycheck to paycheck.


But even those who do budget often feel like they can’t stick to their spending plan of action.


The truth is that if you’ve tried and failed at budgeting it could be for reasons that you’ve not yet considered. [continue reading…]

debt counseling

If you’ve gotten yourself deep in debt, or have fallen behind on your monthly bills you may be wondering if credit counseling or debt management can help.


Despite the promise of assistance that credit counseling companies firms offer, many consumers nonetheless remain worried about using a credit counseling agency for fear of potential damage to their credit scores.


Here are three myths about credit counseling – as well as the facts and the truth about how credit counseling and debt management relate to your credit rating. [continue reading…]