Knowing your credit score is an essential part of your financial wellbeing.


You’ve probably heard of your FICO score, but perhaps you’re not as familiar with the VantageScore, which is a separate credit score that’s grown in popularity.


Regardless of the exact credit score in question, you may believe that access to your credit scores is expensive or exclusive.


But that’s not really true.


In recent years, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has pushed for consumers to have no-cost access to the same credit information that your creditors have.


As a result of that push, and due to increased competition and enhanced credit education efforts by various companies, you can now access your FICO credit score as well as your VantageScore free of charge.


While both credit scores are separate and distinct from one another, they each rank your credit worthiness based on a scale of 300 to 850 points.


Here’s an overview of how you can take advantage of getting your free credit scores and stay on top of one of the most important numbers for your financial future. [continue reading…]