A budget is a detailed outline of what and how you choose to spend your money on. Not only on your day to day bills, but on what you will spend on your children, travel, home improvements, photography lessons, or some other hobby you enjoy.

4 Budgeting Mistakes That Are Easy to Avoid

Even though people are watching their dollars right now because of inflation, there are a host of financial budgeting mistakes you can easily avoid.

Here are four budgeting blunders to sidestep anytime you’re watching your finances.

Financial Truths

7 Painful Financial Truths You Need to Accept in the Age of Coronavirus

The COVID-19 outbreak is causing people to make tough choices regarding their finances. Are you in this boat? If so, you likely have to accept some unpopular truths to weather the storm of these uncertain times. 
Here are some hard, but necessary financial truths that you need to consider as you move through these difficult times. 

talk to your teens about money

How to Talk to Your Teens About Money During the COVID-19 Pandemic

You need to talk about healthy personal finance habits with your teenagers, especially during this coronavirus pandemic. From preparing for college to managing credit cards and student loans, you want to make sure your teenager is set up for success.  Your guidance can help them avoid some of the money mistakes most of us make as we become adults. 

new budget COVID-19

10 New Budget Items to Add Due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing many of us to have to budget for things we never thought of. Here are 10 new budget items that you should plan for as you navigate this “new normal.” 

prioritize your bills

How to Prioritize Your Bills During COVID-19

To help you make some difficult financial decisions during this COVID-19 emergency, here are some tips on how to effectively prioritize your bills. 

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