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College is awesome, right?  For most of us, it’s the first time we tasted freedom.  The freedom to do whatever, whenever you want.

The downside is that you have more responsibility, too, especially on financial matters.  You get bombarded with credit card offers designed to put you in debt and keep you there.  You may have to work to support yourself, at least partially.  And your parents may no longer be doing your taxes for you.

If you’re new to taxes they can be overwhelming.  Especially for college students, given the special rules and benefits you may be eligible for.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this Ultimate Guide to Student Taxes.  And, unless you’ve got some offshore bank account in the Cayman Islands, it’s really not that complicated. [continue reading…]


Want to be debt_free? Follow this advice.

No matter how good (or bad) you may be at managing money, if you’re carrying a lot of personal debt, those bills can erode the value of your hard-earned income or savings.


For most people, having a mountain of credit card debt and high-interest loans not only puts a dent in the monthly budget, it also puts a strain on your overall finances – impacting your ability to invest, donate or simply sock away more money for retirement.


When getting out of debt is a priority, there are several things you can do to eliminate that debt entirely – or at least pay off most of it – in 12 months or less. [continue reading…]