Paying kids an allowance for getting good grades is a controversial subject in some circles. Those who advocate it – like I do – have a variety of reasons for giving our children an academic allowance. [continue reading…]

If you to want to look good to anyone who’s watching you, it’s important to create a beautiful profile — a beautiful credit profile, that is!


Who might be watching you? Lenders, credit card companies, even prospective employers all might want to see your credit report. So it’s important to keep that credit profile gorgeous.  [continue reading…]

Looking for a job


Being deep in debt isn’t just a threat to reaching your financial goals or having a happy personal relationship, free of arguments about money.


Excessive debt can also seriously hold you back in the job market or pursuing a career that is your true passion.


Here are 3 careers you can’t have if you’re deep in debt. [continue reading…]

Many people say they want to get out of debt but they continue to make the same financial mistakes over and over again.


In this video, I’ll tell you 4 of the dumbest things you can do if you want to get out of debt. [continue reading…]